Windsurfing is a popular national watersport that can be learnt quickly, is fun and exhilarating and provides progression through to a variety of windsurfing styles to suit individuals. RAFSA encourages all aspects of Windsurfing, aiming to introduce new sailors to the sport and supports the development of those wishing to upgrade their skills and compete at National and Inter-Service events. The RAFSA Windsurfing team provide instruction, loan equipment to progress with and provide access to high-end racing kit. There are also development camps, and training weekends held at Rutland Water, our home of Windsurfing. Interested?  Contact our committee, the details are below.

Latest Windsurf News

Royal Air Force Windsurfers Break the Waves

27th November, 2023|

Royal Air Force Windsurfers recently met at Tiree in Scotland for the RAF Wave Championships.  Despite some solid performances from Flt Lt Fred Thompson and Flt Lt Freddie Hunter, who finished in second and third place, Warrant Officer Craig Hamilton won competition in style. Physical and mental health are [...]

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Windsurf Committee

Committee Position Name Contact
Rear Commodore Wg Cdr Simon Kent 
RAFSA Treasurer Wg Cdr Rob South 
Chief Instructor AS1 (T) Joe White (SI) 
Secretary + Southern Region Coord Flt Lt Carroline Sharp
Training Principal Flt Lt Vicki Kellagher 
Training Courses Co-ord  AS1 Emily Muir 
PRO FLT Lt Freddie Hunter
Intermediate Equipment Manager (Admin) Flt Lt G Smith 
Wave Team Mgr, Divisional Safety Adviser WO Hamilton 
Rutland Store Mgr  CT Steve Buck
Intermediate Kit support  Fg Off James Forrest
Intermediate Kit support  AS1 Finn Rhys
Southern Recruiting Rep  AS1 Kyle Hurst
Webmaster, Spring champs ProjO, NE Recruiting Rep AS1(T) Elliott Jones
Eastern Region Coord CPL Mark Pidgeon 
Vass 2024 Organiser  Flt Lt James Spratt
Equipment Disposal Manager Fg Off Samuel Birch 

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