Wave sailing combines two fundamental skills: wave riding and jumping. For many, wave windsurfing represents the essence of the sport, blending wind and surf in a unique performance cocktail. The UK is host to some of the best wave venues in the world and RAFSA make the most of these for both training and competition – with regular visits to Cornwall, North Wales, and the Hebrides.

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Windsurf Committee


Committee Position Name Contact
RC Wg Cdr Simon Kent Simon.Kent269@mod.gov.uk
RAFSA Treasurer Wg Cdr Rob South Rob.South578@mod.gov.uk 
Secretary Flt Lt Caroline Sharp Caroline.Sharp114@mod.gov.uk
PRO Flt Lt Freddie Hunter frederick.hunter101@mod.uk
Wave Sec & Safety WO Craig Hamilton Craig.hamilton882@mod.gov.uk 
Training Co-Ord AS1 Emily Muir Emily.Muir102@mod.gov.uk 
Training Principle Flt Lt Vicki Kellagher  Victoria.Kellagher100@mod.gov.uk 
Intermediate Kit Mgr  Flt Lt Giles Smith Giles.Smith183@mod.gov.uk  
Southern Regional Rep AS1 Kyle hurst kyle.hurst105@mod.gov.uk 

North East Recruiting Rep + Spring champs ProjO + Webmaster

AS1 (T) Elliott Jones  Elliott.jones173@mod.gov.uk

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