Offshore Committee

Committee Position Name Contact
RC Gill Burgess rc@offshore.rafsa.org.uk
Charter Manager Harry Britten-Austin chartermanager@offshore.rafsa.org.uk
Secretary Tom Chatterton secretary@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 
Dep Sec Jen Crunden as above
Racing Manager Frank Gmitrowicz rafsa_racingmanager@outlook.com
Racing Sec Dani Rowe rafsa_racing@outlook.com
Training Principal David Stubbs principal@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 
Training Manager Joe Litten training@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 
Training Luci Conder as above
Training Carl Rich as above
OIC Atlas Glenn Parker oicatlas@offshore.rafsa.org.uk
OIC Sir Arthur Kevin Nurse oicsirarthur@offshore.rafsa.org.uk
Equipment Manager / OIC Red Arrow Iain Gill redarrow@offshore.rafsa.org.uk
Dep OIC Red Arrow Ben Reed as above
Fleet Manager Guy Thomas fleetmanager@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 
Dep Fleet Mgr Steve Pugh as above
Ensigns, Permits and Moorings Ali Williams ensigns@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 
Expeditions Mark Salt Expeditions@rafsa.org.uk 
Yacht Doc Submissions yachtstechnicaldocs@offshore.rafsa.org.uk 

Offshore News

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