• Instructor : Student Ratio – 1:3

  • 7 day course (5 days training + examinations)

  • Commercially Endorsed – MCA/RYA YM(Offshore)

  • Valid First Aid Certificate

  • SRC (VHF) Licence

  • Age 18+

  • Experience confirmed by Chief Instructor

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RYA Cruising Instructor

The first step in teaching within the practical cruising scheme is to become qualified as an RYA Cruising Instructor.

An effective instructor must have credibility with students and a genuine interest and engagement with the subject is essential for this. Questions from students will often stray outside the core syllabus or be concerned with seeking advice about equipment or situations. Without enthusiasm and a depth of knowledge far above the RYA syllabus, this credibility could easily be lost. It is difficult to quantify in writing exactly what this means but without extensive practical experience of the subject, candidates are unlikely to be successful on an instructor course.

This qualification lasts for five years, after which candidates will need to attend a RYA Cruising Instructor revalidation. Revalidation is carried out over one day on the water.

2024 Courses

Course 24-4
Plymouth – Atlas
Sun 15th – Sun 19th Apr 2024

2024 Course Fees (YM)

All of our RYA courses are sponsored by the RAF Sports Charity, which allows Serving RAF personnel the opportunity to pay minimal fees. Students not currently serving can still attend, and pay a higher (but still extremely competitive) rate.

There is an extra fee charged by the RYA which will be payable on the first day of examinations.

Membership Type Training Price RYA Moderator Fee
RAFSA Serving member £250 TBC
RAFSA Civilian £450 TBC
Non-RAFSA Civilian £750 TBC

During the course, additional costs will be incurred and shared among the students to cover on-board food, marina fees, and fuel. These costs will vary according to crew choices on victualing, instructor/crew choices on marina locations, weather and on how many crew are on-board but should be approximately £60 – £80 per person.

Our cancellation policy is that full fees are due if cancellation is within 30 days of the course start date. Cancellation prior to that will result in loss of deposit, but this can be carried forward to another course with RAFSA(O).  For Serving personnel who are unable to attend for Service reasons, a full refund will be offered once confirmation is received from the individual’s chain of command.

Should the course be cancelled for reasons attributing to RAFSA, an alternative course will first be offered. If the student is unable to take this up, then the full cost of the course will be refunded. This will not include any additional costs relating to travel or subsistence.