Dear members,

With regret the current access restrictions to both Fort Blockhouse and your boats in the marina will remain in place for the next two or three weeks due to operational activity on site.  It is anticipated that restrictions will be reviewed in the next 2-3 weeks.

This will be disappointing news, especially in this spell of the fine weather which we are currently experiencing.  Unfortunately as incumbents on a military base we have extra considerations over and above those in the local civilian establishments.  Please be assured that the ASA and RNSA are doing all that it can in support of your sailing activities and as we move forward will advise you accordingly.  In the meantime we will continue to check on the vessels within the marina and provide you all with the reassurance that your vessels remain safe.  If there any particular checks which you would like us to carry out on your behalf, please advise us and we will try to assist.

We hope that you are all remaining safe and well and look forward to opening the doors to the AOSC in the near future.

Phil Brown