I'm finding a couple of common themes appearing on the questions asked of me at rafsamembership@gmail.com so I thought I'd address them directly on the site for easy reference.  More information will appear here in due course as the site matures.

  1.  We are in the process of transferring over the only active subscriptions from LoveAdmin to GoCardless our new provider on rafsailing.co.uk.  Whilst I'm trying to avoid this, if you do receive a duplicate request for payment, then please do contact me on the address above and I'll investigate and resolve for you as quickly as possible.
  2.  If you do not wish to continue your subscription but it is still active when it gets transferred over, if you cancel the DD with your financial provider, I will see this, and make sure that your membership is cancelled also.
  3.  Our new site will mean that you no longer require a membership number.  Those who need to see the active membership list will be able to do so, and can check to see if you are current (and therefore insured) before you sail. So don't worry if you haven't seen a new membership number issued to you.  If you have a membership number under the old system, and know that your payment is active, you can continue to use this to attend events.  In future, once all our events are on this system, you will only be able to sign up and pay for an event if you are a current member.
  4.  I apologise for those members who emailed membership@rafsa.org.uk and didn't receive a response.  Our email forwarder appeared to stop working at an indeterminate time in the past, but it is now active again and also you can contact the email address at the top here if you have any queries.